disinfection - Cell Disintegration Unit

The CDU™ is an innovative mechanical chlorine free alternative technology which offers industry a more efficient and cost effective solution to disinfect water and wastewater.  This system provides increased safety levels to  the operator and the consumer with far less maintenance compared to conventional disinfection systems.


The CDU uses a series of intricate stators and rotors with varying channels and chambers to produce high sheer and extreme pressure fluctuations. These pressure fluctuations produce cavitation in the chambers. When pressures are reduced to below the vapour pressure of the liquid, small bubbles form and collapse. Extremely high temperatures and pressure gradients are produced in the vicinity of the collapsing bubbles.

These violent forces and a wide range of sound frequencies are transmitted throughout the liquid body as shock waves that disseminate four times faster than the speed of sound in air. The combined physical actions break organic matter encasing pathogens, denaturing and rupturing cell walls to destroy bacteria, viruses, parasites and EDCs.

A small amount of oxidant (ozone) is incorporated into the liquid mass by gas-liquid interface to further assist in the destruction of chemical compounds such as phenols and cyanides. Due to the CDU™ ability to effectively mix and disperse the oxidant being used, the microscopic size ozone bubbles are kept in suspension for the life of the ozone. This has proven effective in reducing turbidity by oxidizing dissolved organic matter present in colloidal forms and colours to restore the natural clarity of the effluent.

The CDU is fully automated and equipped with intelligent sensors to allow self-regulating processing. Our optional intelligent control and reporting systems include telemetric ability which enables our technicians to remotely monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot regardless of geographical location.


The CDU™ innovative mechanical approach to disinfection offers customers significant cost savings and environmentally competitive advantages in the management of industrial effluent and portable water. Ozone is used as the preferred oxidant due to its ability to permanently denature a greater number of Pathogens, DBP’s and EDC’s with increased safety levels.


The award winning CDU™ has a proven track record of disinfecting in the presence of solids, turbidity as high as 70 NTU, colour and UV absorbers reflected in figure 4.  Whatever passes through the unit (including solids and organic matter) is treated making CDU™ 100% efficient at 10% to 50% the cost of conventional technologies.


Figure 1. 250,000 ltrs per day CDU
Figure 5. Basic CDU layout
Figure 6. High velocity sonic disintergration