MOBILE OIL seperators

Mobile Oil Separators separators offer operators a cost effective solutions to oil laden effluent treatment management.   

Inna water mobile oil water separators are designed to meet a wide variety of project requirements. Common applications include  storage tank cleaning, plant cross overs and emergency spill response.

Used in the some of the toughest and remote tropical regions the mobile Oil Enforcer  gives operators the flexibility to transport the unit within an industrial facility or from location to location reducing haulage costs.


The Oil Enforcer  is designed to screen coarse solids and separate both edible and light oils from commercial waste operations to deliver an effluent discharge quality in compliance with EN 858-1 for recycling.


The series employs variable cross-flow stainless steel coalescing packs with low velocity risers to assist oil flotation and settling of solids out of the pack to prevent fouling, allows longer processing between maintenance. Automated intelligent sensors allow the self-regulating processing of a wide range of effluent with a maximum oil to water ratio of 1:1.


Whether you are treating edible oils or hydrocarbons Inna Water has a treatment solution which is right for you.


Base configuration models only include skid mounted or appropriate size trailer mounted separators. Units can be equipped with the following standard options or additional specialised options at the client’s request;

  • Pumps   

  • Generator

  • Light Plant

  • Air Compressor

  • Storage Lockers and/or Tool Chests

  • Hoses & Hose Racks

  • Fully Automated Controls

  • External Insulation/Heating System


How mobile oil seperators work