Oil Liqudator™ offers commercial and industrial operators a cost efficient solution to oil laden effluent management and treatment.When evaluating the performance and lifecycle costs of an oil water separator there are three major factors which must be considered. They are the design and performance of the separator, installation costs of the separator and on-going maintenance of the separator.


The Oil Liquidator series is primarily designed to screen coarse solids and separate edible oils from commercial waste operations to deliver an effluent quality of 100mg/l or less of un-emulsified oil particles over 30 microns for recycling.

These medium flow oil separators offer the minimum pre-treatment required by regulatory authorities to treat industrial waste water prior to discharge to as trade waste


This fully automated series is equipped with intelligent sensors to allow self-regulating processing of a wide range of effluent compositions with a maximum oil to water ratio of 1:1. Superior oil, water and coarse solids separation offers significant operational cost advantages over dissolved air flotation systems and API oil separators and ensures downstream equipment performs as designed to improve overall system maintainability.  


The Oil Liquidator series is capable of processing a wide range of industrial effluent, suitable applications including but not limited to;

  •  Abattoirs

  • Edible Oil Mills

  • Edible Oil Production Refineries

  • Dairy Processing Plants

  • Food Processing Plants  

  • Food Cooking Facilities

  • Large Food Service Facilities

  • Oil Rendering Plants

Proven performance
  • Engineered to seperate and remove free floating and emulsified oils

  • Engineered to seperate gross quantities of gross suspended solids

  • Recovered oil contains a typical residual water content of less than 2%

  • Longer operation between routine maintenance and cleaning

  • Reusable low maintenance stainless steel coalescing media packs

  • 304 or 316 marine grade stainless steel construction

  • Designed and engineered around EN858-1 standards