oil separation

Internationally regulatory agency guidelines are becoming increasingly stringent when dealing with discharge of both petrochemical and natural oils. Environmental discharge limits and asset protection have becoming the driving force in the development of cost efficient oil/water separation technologies.

Inna Water Industrial hydromechanical coalescing oil/water separators are designed to intercept fast track oil separation and solid settling without the assistance of chemicals. The 'Cross-Flow Plate' design is assembled in a vertical configuration to eliminate "Sludge Fouling” for long processing between scheduled maintenance. Modular Cross-Flow Plate' construction further enables straightforward retro fitting of triple interceptors and API systems as a cost effective upgrade solution to meet stringent 5mg/l discharge limits.

Inna Water Commercial and Domestic Grease hydromechanical recovery units (GRU’s) employ the same design principles as their industrial big brothers. These units accelerate the passive gravity process (stokes Law) of which oil and water naturally separate without the need of mechanical pumps wheels and skimmers.


New version of oil separator.JPG
New version of Oil Separator