PAS aeration

Positive Aqueous Solutions PAS with the continual research of water and is structure Inna Water has been able to develop patented aeration and water conditioning systems for the various treatment process, leading the world in sustainable dissolved oxygen and chemical free coagulation.


Positive Aqua Solution Aeration Systems. High-performance aeration systems are one of the most misunderstood technologies in wastewater treatment. This misunderstanding is largely the result of their evolution from facultative lagoons, in which algae played a vital role with long hydraulic retention times.


Inna Water Positive Aqua Solution (PAS) high-performance aeration systems have much more common with that of activated sludge systems delivering sub 10mg/l BOD5 effluent qualities. Maintaining healthy levels of dissolved oxygen is one of the most, if not the most important water quality parameter, in effective nutrient and bacteria control.


The major advantages of PAS high-performance aeration systems are their low cost and their minimal need for operator attention. Furthermore, their innovative versatile designs enable easy deployment and straightforward retrofitting to existing, treatment tanks, ponds and lagoons

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