Positive aqua solutions-D™ takes a fresh look at aerated lagoon systems  to overcome the traditional inefficient 'top down' induction approach  to save you time and energy. The standard Pas-D™ unit uses a 4Kw system with programmable variable speed drive with timers and sensors to reduce power requirements when optimum DO (Dissolved Oxygen) levels are achieved .


The number and capacity of the Pas-D™ units will depend on a number of factors and requirements of the site.  For detailed advice on your requirements to obtain optimum results, please contact us.

Pas-D™’s  unique   'bottom  up'   approach   is  specifically engineered to avert sludge  bulking  and  free trapped  gases for oxidisation  in the water column. Wastewater  is drawn up   through  a  gas  fluid   aspirator   to  maximise   oxygen uptake  and dispersal with  the minimum of energy inputs. The  efficient  mixing  and  oxygen  dispersal  properties   of Pas-D™ provides    favourable    vertical    thermohaline circulation and  destratification pulling  algae  cells  below the photo-zone to prevent  growth.  In the absence of algae nd low terminal TSS settling, discharge limits of 10mg/L, both for TSS and BOD5 are readily achievable.


How can Pas-D™ help?

Pas-D™ high-performance  aerobic   destratification systems are best suited to municipal and industrial waste waters of low strength. The land  requirements for Pas-D™ treatment is 80% less than that of an equivalent capacity  facultative,  oxidisation system.  Giving  you room to grow your business, expand your capacity and provide a far greater level of treatment.


Arranged  appropriately in  deep well designed  ponds  the reduction surface area and heat exchanged promotes matchless dissolved oxygen and longer aerobic bacterial survival. Pas-D™ further provides thorough mixing and thermal  destratification throughout  the  water  body  with minimal power inputs.

The single greatest factor in reducing energy consumption is the employment of automated control systems.  Dissolved oxygen probes and analysers are the most commonly used instruments to measure  the  level of dissolved  oxygen  in  the  wastewater and  provide  a variable signal  to adjust  air flow and  water level.   Optional intelligent control  and  reporting systems include   telemetric  abilities   which   enable   you   or   our technical teams to remotely monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot dissolved oxygen and biological issues irrespective of their geographical  location.


Figure 1. Pas-D™ destratification unit