Chemists for a long time have recognised the unique and unusual properties of H2O. These unusual properties stem from H2O tendency to associate, short-lived and ever-changing polymeric units, often described as "water clusters" whose internal connections are continually undergoing rearrangement in the presences of pollutants, solutes, temperature and light (electromagnetic energy).

By manipulating electromagnetic forces in the presence of hydrophilic surfaces it is possible influence H2O polymeric units to coalesce pollutants and solutes down to 100 Daltons for downstream filtration. 

Inna water’s Positive Aqua Solution Coalescing Conditioner (PAS-CC) is static device which applies electromagnetic force to liquid water mixtures as to promote  large EZ (exclusion Zone lattices of the The Hydronium Ion is has a high + charge, this is what pulls the particles together. As shown in the diagram.

figure 1 restructuring.jpg

Also water has the ability to absorb more oxygen when the hexagonal Structure is present.

Plants have the ability to take up the hexagonal water and this is why they can perform better. These Hexagonal structures “EZ” exclusion zones repel the sodium ion and therefor become free of salts. The PAS-CC is excellent in preventing scaling from hard water